About AEON Funding System

The AEON Funding System was put in to action by members of the AEON Community. Our goal is to have our community members fund each other in order to help AEON grow. Anyone is able to sign up and create a proposal.

How it works

  • Member signs up
  • Member creates proposal and gives as much detail as possible.
    • The proposal:
    • explains what good it will bring to AEON.
    • explains in steps how the proposal will be handled.
    • will lay out desired milestones
    • should explain why you should handle the task such as what skills you have the make you perfect for the job.
  • Members of the community review the proposal asking questions and may give approval/rejection
    • If rejected, we encourage proposer to make changes as needed and try again
    • If approved, admin will move to funding
  • Work may begin before proposal is funded.
  • When proposal is finished, or hits a milestone, proposer will be paid out.


If and when you encounter problems with our funding system; please use one of the contact methods below to reach an administrator:

We do not keep access logs or install tracking cookies. All static resources (javascript/stylesheets/images) are self-hosted. This funding system is a fork of the Wownero Funding System.